Have you ever wanted to travel but there is always something stopping you? Excuses!

While I was doing some research on world traveling I came across a young Australian girl who didn’t let anything get in her way. Her name is Brooke Saward.

Brooke became a solo travel blogger wanting to inspire others to do the same. She was able to pick up and live out of her suitcase. After she graduated college she realized that travel is her passion, and sharing it was a must! Brooke has been able to go on adventures and become knowledgeable on places we normally would have not thought to visit, or experiences we would not have otherwise known existed.

Brooke speaks about the countries she’s been to, including her favorite places so far.

As her site states:
“World of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward is currently one of the best travel blogs in 2014, as recognised by Skyscanner (International Winner), as well as the world’s most popular travel blog (with over 300,000 visits per month and over 160,000+ unique visits per month). These figures have been reached within the first 12 months of the launch of World of Wanderlust, which is testament to Brooke’s passion for travel and tourism and commitment to expand her audience to a global reach. WOW readers visit the blog for travel information, inspiration, beautiful photography and video, daily blogs, travel and lifestyle advice and a relatable voice. There are also in excess of 120,000+ social media fans on WoW platforms.”

With her full plate of world traveling she is able to keep you entertained. You will notice it on her blog.

Please feel free to check out her website and at least live through her pictures on Instagram.

Website: World Of Wanderlust
Instagram: @WorldWanderlust


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