Two Places at Once with New Friends

For Vacation I had the pleasure of visiting the Island of St. Maarten/St. Martin for five nights. Not only is the only one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean but the diversity and so many different cultures make it unbelievable! No wonder it’s known as the “Friendly Island.”

I had the pleasure of meeting great people from all over the world.

Davia, who with her personality I bet she can win it all. Originally from Jamaica, she was able to make a move not many do. She has become part of my “friends from all over the world.”

I also had the chance to meet Roy, whose charisma and smile can make your day so much better. Moving all the way from Holland to pursue a career in Hospitality. He is more than happy that he was able to be in a Dutch speaking country where he is able to be himself. It was a pleasure meeting him.


I’ll be honest… I am a huge soccer fan, so taking this photo of a fan of the team that embarrassed mine was a bit painful.

Driving over to the French side I was able to stop at the boarder of the country, where I was able to be in two places at once French/Dutch. I learned a something new; this has been the longest unity and friendship ever… Anywhere.


On the French side of the Island(St. Martin) I was able to visit Pinel Island where the water is as clear as the sky, And I fell in love with it! The water was perfect and so was the scenery of mountains, which was different. I have never been to such a peaceful island where all you heard were the waves at a far distance.


Let me not forget that I was able to experience a Holland game with so many Fans in a Dutch country. A huge and unforgettable experience!


Until next time St. Maarten/ St. Martin!




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