Who’s Your Favorite

To me a Favorite Photographer is someone whos collections leave me amaze. The Photographer must be someone who makes me wonder and think outside of the box. Below is a list of Photographers who have left an inprint on my canvas, and some day i wish to be close to their accomplishments.


1. Tyler Shields: Favorite Celebrity Photographer. His work is amazing, not only is he willing to go above and beyond to take the perfect shot but he is not afraid to tell someone, jump off this building or Play tug-a-war with a Crocodile. A paragraph will not do justice.

Instagram: @TheTylerShields
Twitter: @TylerShields

From some of his Collections:




2. Brian Babineau: From Sports to Music to Portraits, he does it all! I will not lie, he has become my favorite Sports Photographer from the minute i saw his pictures on Instagram. He has the ability to capture moments that not many can. One of my goals is to get an interview or just shadow him. It will be an honor. His focus is New England, Where all of my favorite Sports Teams come from.

Follow him:
Instagram: @Brian_Babs_Babineau
Twitter: @Babsphoto

From some of his Collections:




3. James Porto: One of the gratest! He concentrates on Advertising and Editorial, Working with companies like: AMEX, ESPN, SONY and The New York Times. He is a Photographer who is close to doing everything. He is able to construct worlds with a balance of real and unreal during his entire career. Some call him “Reigning Master of Computer Manipulation.”

From some of his Collections:




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