How to get started!

Many believe photography comes easy. Just remember is not easy to just grab a camera and shoot anything. For first timers a list of what they would like to focus on can help. When I built my portfolio for grad school I went with something more fun… Photography Challenges. Below are a few of the ones you can do this summer and meet some new people, make some friends (you can never have too many), and best of all, find yourself.

Photography Challenges:

1. One Hundred Strangers: This challenge will help you with stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to meet new people and make new friends. All you need is a camera, pen and paper.

Step 1: Go out there! Somewhere you’ve never been.

Step 2: Go up to someone who looks interesting and start a conversation, get to know them.

Step 3: ask them if you can talk about them on your blog and take a picture. Make sure to give them your blog information this way they can see how it turned out.

2. PhotoBucket: Take all of your photo dreams from paper to the other side of your lens. Write down your top 20 Bucket list photos and make it happen. No “if, ands, or buts.” Make sure to give yourself a deadline this way you feel great for accomplishing it!

3. Street Photography: That says it all! Grab your camera and take a walk. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

4. 25 Out-Standing Shots: This has to do with patience, creativity and Location. Once again! Go outside! Stand in one spot and take 25 completely different shots…

5. Black and White: Not just because it’s my favorite kind of Photography, but it’s also the most classy type of photography. You can capture so many feelings in one B and W shot, and not come close to it with 10 color shots.

It takes a lot but your blog will always have something interesting and new going on. It will also make your portfolio very diverse.

If you have questions feel free to comment! ENJOY!!


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