Have you ever wanted to travel but there is always something stopping you? Excuses!

While I was doing some research on world traveling I came across a young Australian girl who didn’t let anything get in her way. Her name is Brooke Saward.

Brooke became a solo travel blogger wanting to inspire others to do the same. She was able to pick up and live out of her suitcase. After she graduated college she realized that travel is her passion, and sharing it was a must! Brooke has been able to go on adventures and become knowledgeable on places we normally would have not thought to visit, or experiences we would not have otherwise known existed.

Brooke speaks about the countries she’s been to, including her favorite places so far.

As her site states:
“World of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward is currently one of the best travel blogs in 2014, as recognised by Skyscanner (International Winner), as well as the world’s most popular travel blog (with over 300,000 visits per month and over 160,000+ unique visits per month). These figures have been reached within the first 12 months of the launch of World of Wanderlust, which is testament to Brooke’s passion for travel and tourism and commitment to expand her audience to a global reach. WOW readers visit the blog for travel information, inspiration, beautiful photography and video, daily blogs, travel and lifestyle advice and a relatable voice. There are also in excess of 120,000+ social media fans on WoW platforms.”

With her full plate of world traveling she is able to keep you entertained. You will notice it on her blog.

Please feel free to check out her website and at least live through her pictures on Instagram.

Website: World Of Wanderlust
Instagram: @WorldWanderlust


Humans Of New York

Have you ever started reading a blog and been inspired? I have. I started following the Facebook page for the Photoblog Humans of New York, and I was so touched and inspired by just reading that now I can’t stop.

This blog reminds me of the 100 Strangers project I did while in Grad School for my Documentary class.

Brandon Staton is a photographer that started interviewing and taking street portraits of New Yorkers all over the city. He started his project in November 2010, since then 6,000 portraits have been gathered so far.

Humans of New York will give you a glimpse into the lives of a random New Yorker, who is willing to tell Staton a little something about themselves. While I was reading the book with the same title I thought to myself… “Wow, us New Yorkers are usually known for our nasty attitude. One thing many may not know is that we all have stories to tell.”

As a New Yorker, you learn how to survive in such a hectic environment. We are all fighting for something, but we never lose touch of who we are and where we come from. I appreciate the fact that he has taken the time to go out and interact and show the world who we really are. He has defiantly chosen the perfect ground to cover, New York is know as the “Crossroads of the World.”

Out of all of the stories he has posted the two that have stuck to me have been the story of the The Gambian who wanted to be an actor, he left it all behind to make his dream a reality, and never giving up even when all he had was water to drink. The second story is about the guy who knew he wanted to get into medicine after witnessing what his father was able to do which was help others.

Take a minute, read a story, it can change your life and the way you look at it all.

Follow him on Instagram and Like his Page on Facebook! Buy his Book!

His work is amazing!

Website: Humans of New York

Two Places at Once with New Friends

For Vacation I had the pleasure of visiting the Island of St. Maarten/St. Martin for five nights. Not only is the only one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean but the diversity and so many different cultures make it unbelievable! No wonder it’s known as the “Friendly Island.”

I had the pleasure of meeting great people from all over the world.

Davia, who with her personality I bet she can win it all. Originally from Jamaica, she was able to make a move not many do. She has become part of my “friends from all over the world.”

I also had the chance to meet Roy, whose charisma and smile can make your day so much better. Moving all the way from Holland to pursue a career in Hospitality. He is more than happy that he was able to be in a Dutch speaking country where he is able to be himself. It was a pleasure meeting him.


I’ll be honest… I am a huge soccer fan, so taking this photo of a fan of the team that embarrassed mine was a bit painful.

Driving over to the French side I was able to stop at the boarder of the country, where I was able to be in two places at once French/Dutch. I learned a something new; this has been the longest unity and friendship ever… Anywhere.


On the French side of the Island(St. Martin) I was able to visit Pinel Island where the water is as clear as the sky, And I fell in love with it! The water was perfect and so was the scenery of mountains, which was different. I have never been to such a peaceful island where all you heard were the waves at a far distance.


Let me not forget that I was able to experience a Holland game with so many Fans in a Dutch country. A huge and unforgettable experience!


Until next time St. Maarten/ St. Martin!



Who’s Your Favorite

To me a Favorite Photographer is someone whos collections leave me amaze. The Photographer must be someone who makes me wonder and think outside of the box. Below is a list of Photographers who have left an inprint on my canvas, and some day i wish to be close to their accomplishments.


1. Tyler Shields: Favorite Celebrity Photographer. His work is amazing, not only is he willing to go above and beyond to take the perfect shot but he is not afraid to tell someone, jump off this building or Play tug-a-war with a Crocodile. A paragraph will not do justice.

Instagram: @TheTylerShields
Twitter: @TylerShields

From some of his Collections:




2. Brian Babineau: From Sports to Music to Portraits, he does it all! I will not lie, he has become my favorite Sports Photographer from the minute i saw his pictures on Instagram. He has the ability to capture moments that not many can. One of my goals is to get an interview or just shadow him. It will be an honor. His focus is New England, Where all of my favorite Sports Teams come from.

Follow him:
Instagram: @Brian_Babs_Babineau
Twitter: @Babsphoto

From some of his Collections:




3. James Porto: One of the gratest! He concentrates on Advertising and Editorial, Working with companies like: AMEX, ESPN, SONY and The New York Times. He is a Photographer who is close to doing everything. He is able to construct worlds with a balance of real and unreal during his entire career. Some call him “Reigning Master of Computer Manipulation.”

From some of his Collections:



Ever Been Published?!

Every Artist dreams of opening a magazine/ newspaper and seeing their work published.

I had the opportunity to work with a college during a Breast Cancer Volleyball game. I had the chance to meet a great group of girls who went from never winning a title to completing their first college season with a record of 27-3! Winning A couple of tournament 1st place trophy to winning 1st place at the Regional finals!

Here is a link to site of where my photo was used: Monroe College Mustangs Website.

Here is a copy of my first! the same photo was published in the Daily News on October 2011.


To be published in any article or website for doing what you love, you must be willing to put yourself out there. Go online, newspaper or ask around! There is no shame in chasing your dreams! Work hard and smart!

Where have you been?

One of my all time favorite things to do is to travel. I want to have multiple passports stamped with countries I’ve never thought I’ll ever visit.

I’ve had the opportunity of visiting 22 out of 50 states. I have also been able to visit 8 countries (I have so many more on my list).

My reason for travel is my passion for all of the different cultures, languages, and knowledge. I love learning! If I am ever in a new country I always make sure to make friends with the locals. That is the best way of learning your true surroundings.

This brings me to Travel photography, it’s a great way of being able to relive those moments and also share them. One of the best Travel Photography projects comes from the great photographer Murad Osmann as he follows his girlfriend to the magical places all over the world. #FollowMeTo is a project that have been taking over the Instagram world. It has also helped many people challenge themselves on exploring new places for vacationing.

Check out his Instagram account!

How to get started!

Many believe photography comes easy. Just remember is not easy to just grab a camera and shoot anything. For first timers a list of what they would like to focus on can help. When I built my portfolio for grad school I went with something more fun… Photography Challenges. Below are a few of the ones you can do this summer and meet some new people, make some friends (you can never have too many), and best of all, find yourself.

Photography Challenges:

1. One Hundred Strangers: This challenge will help you with stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to meet new people and make new friends. All you need is a camera, pen and paper.

Step 1: Go out there! Somewhere you’ve never been.

Step 2: Go up to someone who looks interesting and start a conversation, get to know them.

Step 3: ask them if you can talk about them on your blog and take a picture. Make sure to give them your blog information this way they can see how it turned out.

2. PhotoBucket: Take all of your photo dreams from paper to the other side of your lens. Write down your top 20 Bucket list photos and make it happen. No “if, ands, or buts.” Make sure to give yourself a deadline this way you feel great for accomplishing it!

3. Street Photography: That says it all! Grab your camera and take a walk. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

4. 25 Out-Standing Shots: This has to do with patience, creativity and Location. Once again! Go outside! Stand in one spot and take 25 completely different shots…

5. Black and White: Not just because it’s my favorite kind of Photography, but it’s also the most classy type of photography. You can capture so many feelings in one B and W shot, and not come close to it with 10 color shots.

It takes a lot but your blog will always have something interesting and new going on. It will also make your portfolio very diverse.

If you have questions feel free to comment! ENJOY!!